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 Breast Cancer –Care For Yourself After Surgery

Breast Cancer –Care For Yourself After Surgery

Many women are affected by breast cancer, and in many cases it is fortunately able to be healed. For this however surgery is often necessary. An early treatment of the scar should be started so that no visible memories of this difficult time are left by the surgery.


Diagnosis: Breast cancer

The diagnosis is a shock and affects millions of women worldwide every year: breast cancer. Experts assume that roughly every eighth to tenth woman develops breast cancer over the course of her life. What then follows is an extensive therapy program, which under consideration of the disease stage usually consists of a combination of surgery as well as chemo, hormone and radiation therapy.

Scars on the body and soul need to heal

Today the prospects of being cured from breast cancer are fortunately relatively good and are approximately 85%. If it is identified at an early stage then it is even higher than 90%. What remains however are often scars on the soul - and on the body. Therefore undertake active prevention and regularly treat surgery scars with Contractubex.


Applied early the combination of active ingredients supports the natural healing processes in the skin and promotes the formation of a scar that is as inconspicuous as possible. Because for most women the following applies: The less they are visually reminded of their disease the easier it is for them to process it and to look towards the future optimistically.